New post on the Takipi blog

New post on the Takipi blog:

JVM Performance Magic Tricks

HotSpot, the JVM we all know and love, is the brain in which our Java and Scala juices flow. Here are some of the more interesting optimizations performed by it. 

The post is also available as slides on Speaker Deck, and on SlideShare.

Dinosaur Comics Panel 2 Widget

Randomly selects a different panel-2 from Ryan North’s excellent Dinosaur Comics, and displays it in a widget on the home-screen. A different text is randomized every 30 minutes. Tapping on the widget opens the web-browser and loads the full comic.

Both horizontal and square widget layouts are provided in the package.

For Android 1.6 and up.

Download: dc_widget_1.0.0.1.apk


Size: 31.5 KB

MD5: b63ca880055c807473698c40bc7277ba

Note: This widget is not on the Android Market.


Welcome to my humble abode.

I started this blog with no specific subject or agenda in mind. I’ll play it by ear, and whenever I feel like spilling my thoughts, I’ll probably do it here. Whichever path this blog ends up taking, I’ll try to keep things interesting.

In the meantime, drop me a line.  Any thoughts, suggestions, comments or haiku are more than welcome.